Using Strategy To Rank A Website

Anyone new to search engine optimization will be excused for thinking that It really is easier than it is. That is because most instructional article or videos miss out one important word and that is competition.

Just like in business, if you were the only business in town selling a certain service or product changes are you are going to be very successful. But if you are competing with several others and fighting for each client or customer, then it becomes more difficult. In these circumstances you need to be better than the rest and so the same rule applies when launching a SEO campaign.

It is isn’t enough to know SEO you must deliver it to a standard above everyone else.

This is where strategy comes in. Understanding where your competitors’ weaknesses are and looking for opportunities, applies as much to ranking a website as to business.

The Most Common SEO Strategy

Watch most videos on SEO and they will show the most common strategy in SEO. That is look at what everyone else is doing and replicate or do better. This is where an experienced expert SEO strategist comes into the mix. They are more likely to look at what is not being done and who is kicking above their weight with rankings and what are they doing different.

Understanding Customer Intent

A key part of SEO now is understanding customer intent. This is important as it is fluid and constantly changing. Take the needs of a car owner, when fuel prices are high, then fuel efficient vehicles may be search for more, but in times of wealth then, executive could be. Understanding what is going on in the world, trends, and the changing customer intent, can introduce money making keywords into the content that will rank.

There is also trust and security worries. Making visitors feel secure and trust what they are seeing can pay dividends.

Are the items for sale, quick and instant purchases or is there far more consideration involved. Should these customers be captured by encourage them to follow social media or join an email communication programme?

OK So How IS This Relevant to SEO Rankings

The reason why the above are important is that search engine like Google is paying more interest into user metrics, the time visitors spend on a website and what they do when there. SEO strategists know this and focus on elements far more than writing content and link building.

There are funnels that understand the buying process and at what part each keyword fits into that sale funnel. Are they enquiring about a product to learn about it, or are they ready to buy? This all fits it with what a strategist would plan into a commercial website.

Competitive sport can be a good reference to strategy. How is it that sometimes a lower league team can beat the best? The answer is strategy and the implementation of it. Focusing on the other teams’ weaknesses and exploiting it.

So the next time you decide to put a website together, don’t just think about reverse engineering the successful one. Put a strategy to it, that can beat the successful ones.

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