Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin launches the first space tourism passengers on July 20 and auctioned a seat

A New Shepard missile takes off on a test flight.

Blue origin

Jeff Bezos’ space company Blue Origin will launch its first astronaut crew into space on July 20 and fly its space tourism rocket New Shepard, the company announced on Wednesday.

Blue Origin has not yet opened ticket sales or released pricing information on New Shepard flights, but will be conducting a public auction for a seat on first take-off with a crew.

A sealed online auction runs through May 19th and bids can go as high as $ 50,000. The company requires additional identification information and a $ 10,000 deposit for higher bids. From May 19th, Blue Origin will hold a public tender process – before a final live online auction on June 12th.

“We are auctioning the first seat for the benefit of our foundation club for the future,” says a video from Blue Origin.

New Shepard is designed to carry up to six people at a time on one trip beyond the edge of space. The capsules from previous test flights reach an altitude of more than 100 kilometers. The capsule has massive windows that passengers can see through. They spend a few minutes in weightlessness before returning to Earth.

A seat and the view from a New Shepard capsule on the edge of space.

Blue origin

Jeff Bezos takes a look at the New Shepard rocket booster on the landing pad after a successful NS-15 flight and landing in April 2021.

Blue origin

The rocket launches vertically, with the booster detaching and landing on a nearby concrete slab. The return of the capsule is slowed by a series of parachutes before gently landing in the desert.

The capsule of the New Shepard crew lands in the desert of West Texas on April 14, 2021 after the NS-15 mission.

Blue origin

Blue Origin is being announced on the 60th anniversary of the Mercury-Redstone 3 flight, on which astronaut Alan Shepard – after whom Blue Origin named his rocket system – was promoted to the first human space flight in the United States in 1961.

In addition, July 20 will mark the 52nd anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

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