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Top-Notch Sales Employee Recruitment with Luxvoni & Dakota Burford

A large part of building a successful sales team is hiring the right people. But how do you know who to hire? And how does an employer go about attracting the most talented salespeople? Dakota Burford, author of “Top-Notch Sales Employee Recruitment,”

Dakota is well known for building high converting sales funnels with his company Luxvoni Marketing Solutions, LLC. Dakota Burford is widely respected in the online marketing community for his knowledge of sales funnels and conversion rate optimization. Dakota Burford has managed hundreds of thousands in digital ad spend and has been a speaker on conversion rate optimization, lead generation, marketing automation, sales funnels, and internet marketing. Dakota Burford’s Top-Notch Sales Employee Recruitment Course Sale-ops will teach you how to find and train the best employees.

About Dakota

Dakota started out with his first business very young which he sold for a 300K+ profit. After that, he moved into the digital marketing realm and started Luxvoni Marketing Solutions, which specialized in high converting sales funnels.

Dakota is an expert in building profitable sales funnels, conversion rate optimization, lead generation, marketing automation, and internet marketing. Dakota Burford built Luxvoni to be a top-performing advertising agency that specializes in niche service-based businesses.

This lead to growing and scaling a sales team of sales professionals. After seeing the success with his ability to grow and scale a business leveraging a sales team he has decided to partner with big names in the marketing industry to produce Sale-ops. Dakota Burford is continuing to produce high-quality, valuable content for entrepreneurs and marketers.

About The Program

Dakota Burford began working on his first book just over a year ago. Dakota started the process of research through self-study, exploring different resources available to him, taking copious notes along the way. Dakota Burford worked hard to refine both the information he had gathered as well as his own personal approach to sales. To produce one of the best on-demand sales training in the world.

The Program Boasts: “Sale-Ops.com turns mildly successful salespeople, into widely successful salespeople”

There have already been several beta users of the program that have revealed that it has turned them into 6 figure earners. Dakota is currently consulting on building a sales team for companies like Safe Life Defense. Watch Some of these here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5KmDJhSAP0&list=PLFKnAgTfq1SMeXd3KnILKS4rVtNlK2B1i

It’s challenging to build a sales team because you have to train people on your process so they can start generating revenue for you right away.

Not only do you have to train them on the process; you also need leaders in your business who can show people how to execute the right way.

Skipping gimmicky tactics and using crutch strategies Dakota breaks down the rules and psychology of how sales work so that your team can learn to construct their own scripts and have a natural dialog which leads to higher close rates.

If you are interested in learning more about this program you can check it out at https://sale-ops.com/ where the beta launch will be available in the near future.

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