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Continuing Education Is Important For Real Estate Agents - Learn More About The Top Real Estate Classes

Aug 1

As licensed professionals working in a regulated industry, continuing education for realtors helps ensure that agents run their business with a high level of professionalism. Sure, the ability to build relationships and close sales are the hallmarks of successful real estate agents. 

However, the knowledge gained through continuing education for realtors is what allows them to keep pace with this constantly evolving industry. 

Working in real estate can be fiercely competitive. Outhustling your competitors and executing your marketing strategy is no small task! In addition, the industry is constantly undergoing changes that affect everything from regulations to technology and a whole lot more in between. 

Needless to say, trying to keep up with all these changes on your own can feel quite overwhelming. 

That’s why taking real estate classes can help level the playing field with your competitors. In addition, having an active real estate license means agents can become members of their local MLS and provide powerful IDX capabilities on their own websites. 

Continuing education courses will help you grow

Each state has its requirements, timeframes, and deadlines for agents and brokers to complete their real estate classes. To get the most out of these courses, agents should schedule their classes as early as possible and spread them out throughout the year. 

Let’s take a look at some of the top, and in some cases, free real estate classes that will help you satisfy your CE requirements. 

Top real estate classes

    • “Top Real Estate Program” by Real Estate Express:
      REE has enjoyed its reputation as arguably the best online real estate school in the country for years. Thankfully, the expert marketing campaigns actually live up to their promises.

      Their Top Real Estate Program class allows realtors to take a deep dive into their real estate field and shows them how to snag big tenders. The course provides a clear-cut method for solving client problems, conducting expert negotiations, and winning more listings.

      If you feel stuck or need a fresh perspective, you can also interact with the course instructors.

    • Udemy (Multiple):
      There are A LOT of video courses available on the Udemy platform. While they do have a lot of low-quality courses on the platform (and they catch a lot of flak for that), they have some great and even free real estate courses worth checking out.

      From best-sellers like “The Real Estate Financial Modeling Interview Exam Guide” to free gems with rave reviews like  “Commercial Real Estate Investing for Beginners”, you’ll have plenty of great choices.

      What’s more, is that these courses are designed and reviewed by actual experts in the real estate industry.

  • “Get Real Estate License Online” by The CE Shop:
    Sometimes you just need to fast-track your way to a pre-license so you can begin your real estate career quickly. This highly-rated and interactive course will teach you everything you need to know to prepare for your pre-license exam.

    The education material is state-approved and combines the classroom environment with a virtual/online class. With a 5-day free trial and an impressive 90% national pass rate guarantee, you simply can’t go wrong with the Get Real Estate License Online course.