Amazon plans to expand its Home Healthcare services for 20 new cities before 2023

It is no secret that when we talk about buying something online or setting up an online store for the healthy and profitable workings of our business, we search for the most well-known platform that could guide us well. However there are many platforms that will help you in similar regard, but the most important, valuable one is considered to be “Amazon”. 

Recently, it has been concluded that Amazon has been planning to improve and expand its health care facilities towards its employees and the general public all over the world. In the beginning, it started health facilities for its specific employees who could get medicare at their homes. Plus it was a very huge and positive step that contributed a lot to the fame of Amazon. Because as we all know, the need for medicare at our doorstep is very essential these days.

If we talk about the current situation, Amazon is already serving its at-home healthcare in some areas of the US that include;

  • Washington state,
  • Washington D.C, and 
  • Baltimore.

However, it has been reported by an insider that Amazon is all set to expand its services of health care at home for 20 more cities by the end of 2022. In addition to this, we have also been informed that in 2021 Amazon plans to visit Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and Dallas for the expansion of its Medical care facilities at home. Moreover, they are encouraging their amazon PPC consulting to start health campaigns in the respective cities. 

What is Amazon’s healthcare based upon?

If we talk about the details, it has been told that Amazon’s healthcare at home system facilitates both online as well as physical platforms. Once it reaches its goal for the expanding of this system in various cities and later all over the world, you will be facilitated with an online as well as an in-person professional doctor. Then, that expert professional will treat you in every aspect of your related problem. 

However, if we talk about the past, Amazon, when started its healthcare services for its employees in Seattle, since then it had a view for delivery the at-home medicare facilities to people all over the world. The proof of this huge vision is that Amazon also contacted a large number of insurers to pay and support for their services at that time. 

Which cities Amazon is wishing to approach by the end of 2022?

According to the recent report reached to us, it was found that till the date, amazon is serving its care services to its employees almost only. However, the outsider’s number is limited and disclosed currently. But we were able to learn about a piece of fitness equipment-based company in Washington state, which is currently being served in terms of Amazon Care’s services. According to this report, almost 40,000 people are currently enrolled in Amazon Care.

Moreover, the cities which amazon is looking forward to providing its medical services at home includes;

  • Atlanta,
  • Denver,
  • Houston,
  • Indianapolis,
  • Los Angeles,
  • Miami,
  • Minneapolis,
  • New York,
  • Phoenix,
  • Pittsburgh, 
  • San Francisco, 
  • St. Louis,
  • Kansas City,
  • Missouri,
  • San Jose, 
  • California, and 
  • Nashville, Tennessee.

 As we have dug a lot in this regard, it has been revealed to us that apart from providing amazon account management services, Amazon has a keen interest in making the lives of the people better by providing medicare facilities to them at their doorstep. It has shown a very noticeable interest in the healthcare system because it can be seen that Amazon is currently also a member of the Moving Health Home coalition ( based upon home care of people at Capitol Hill ).

Furthermore, it was reported by Home Health Care News in May that an Amazon expert “Robin Gaster” when asked regarding this cause he said, “It seems to me that health care is traditionally seen as a pyramid — you have primary care at the bottom and then you have specialists, hospitals, intensive care and brain surgeons at the top,” 

Moreover, he also continued by saying; “But Amazon is working right at the bottom of that pyramid, in the basement and in the foundation. Amazon is going to eat health care from below. And I think home health care is absolutely central to that.”

With whom Amazon is working for home-based Medicare services?

AS we have concluded from the above-stated news and facts that Amazon is planning very eagerly to expand its Care services to the general public all over the world. However, we know that this will require a little time, but currently at a virtual event of “Healthcare 2040: Changing Care Delivery Models”, a business development executive Amanda Goltz stated that Amazon is also working with some other companies that are providing home-based healthcare services.

 Furthermore, Amanda Goltz said that they have built a comprehensive skill on Alexa that helps a lot of the senior doctors in their plans of checking and taking care of the patients. The person simply has to say that “ Alexa, ask the Home Health Coach what I am supposed to do today”. The information changes on a daily basis according to the doctor’s schedule of checking his patients either virtually or through a physical platform, Goltz said.

 So, in the end, we could simply conclude our discussion on this great cause initiated by Amazon Care for the treatment of people at their doorsteps. As we have learned above, how amazon is taking effective steps to extend its approach in different cities so that the general public could be facilitated by this amazing thought! 

Let us pray that this vision of Amazon reaching 20 cities to provide its healthcare services is fulfilled, then in no time it will conquer all 50 states too!

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