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Choosing The Right IBC Mixer

Dec 15

Ibc anti-contamination mixer is a mixer that attaches to a standard intermediate bulk container, also known as a tote. This type of mixing equipment is designed to eliminate the need for transferring fluids between containers and reduce the time needed to complete a mixing job. IBC tote mixers are available in a wide variety of construction, size and style options. They can be found in a range of applications and industries from industrial to food processing. Choosing the right IBC mixer will ensure that your tote mixing project is completed efficiently and effectively.

IBC tote mixers come in a wide range of sizes from 275-gallons up to larger capacities for heavier products like industrial polymers and chemicals. They typically feature a 6-in. opening for the top of the tote and a plastic screw cap. These mixers can be used to mix a wide variety of liquid formulations including adhesives, epoxies, and zinc-rich primers.

In order to ensure proper mixing of these chemicals, these IBC tote agitators are equipped with patented EvenMix mixing blades. These fold in a compact manner to fit into the 6” opening and open up to provide efficient mixing. This enables them to evenly distribute the contents of the tote throughout the entire batch for consistent results.

These IBC tote mixers can be equipped with a range of drive systems, depending on the application. Some tote mixers are powered by a direct-drive motor while others are driven by high-torque gear drive. A number of different shafts are available as well as a choice of double or single mixing impellers to accommodate any specific application.

For food-grade tote mixing and blending applications, these mixers can be fitted with sanitary stainless steel mixing blades for safe use in the presence of harsh ingredients. They can be powered by compressed air or an electrical motor and are designed for quick, simple, and effective mixing of liquid food products.

An IBC tote mixer can be a powerful tool for a number of applications, such as re-homogenizing sludge or solids from a storage tank, resuspending settled solids, and more. IBC tote agitators are often used in chemical production, oil and gas, water treatment, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

IBC tote agitators are made in the US and are designed for easy mobility. They are lightweight enough to move between totes by hand and feature a convenient handle for lifting. They are also compatible with a range of tote stands and can be powered by electric, pneumatic, or explosion proof motors. They can be ordered with a start switch pre-wired to your control panel or a safety switch for an ATEX environment. In addition to these IBC mixers, White Mountain Process offers a number of other types and sizes of industrial mixing equipment, including portable tank mixers, multi-use hopper mixers, stainless steel tank mixers, digital geared mixers, and more. Our experienced team can help you determine the right construction, style, and size mixer for your needs.