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Three Common Methods For Concrete Leveling

Nov 14

Concrete Leveling is a practical, affordable repair method that brings sunken concrete back up to its original position without digging it up and replacing it. This is done by injecting a material that lifts the slab and fills all of the voids underneath it. The process typically takes less than a day and is a much cheaper alternative to replacing the damaged concrete. Experienced Concrete Levelers commonly performed at homes, businesses, warehouses, airports and on roads and highways.

In order to perform concrete leveling, a series of holes are drilled into the sunken concrete slab. A pump is attached to the holes, and a limestone-based concrete leveling compound is injected into each hole. This compound is pumped under the slab slowly to create constant pressure that raises the concrete. Once the concrete reaches its desired elevation, the holes are patched and the process is complete.

The process is less invasive than ripping out and replacing the damaged concrete and also doesn't require the use of heavy machinery that can damage the surrounding landscaping or grass. In addition, concrete leveling takes less than a day to complete and doesn't require any waiting time for the concrete to cure like a new replacement.

The cost of concrete leveling depends on the type of project. Some jobs are more expensive than others because the repair materials used and the labor rate vary from contractor to contractor. Also, projects that are more difficult to access can increase the price of a concrete leveling job.

Sidewalk Leveling

Uneven sidewalks can be dangerous for pedestrians and vehicles. They can lead to tripping and falling accidents. If left unattended, uneven sidewalks will continue to sink and worsen over time. Concrete leveling is a quick and inexpensive solution to correct this problem. This process is done by injecting a cement slurry mixture under the concrete to lift it. The procedure is similar to mudjacking but is more durable and long-lasting.

Driveway Leveling

Unlevel driveways can cause tripping and driving hazards. They may also be unsightly and detract from the appearance of your home. A concrete leveling service can make your driveway look brand-new and be safe for traffic and vehicles.

A-1 Concrete Leveling is a professional concrete leveling service that uses an environmentally-friendly process to raise sunken concrete surfaces. We drill a series of 1" holes into the sunken concrete, and then we inject our environmentally-friendly limestone-based concrete leveling compound into each hole. The injections are pumped under the sunken concrete slowly, and they create constant pressure that raises the concrete to its original position. The holes are then filled with non-shrinking grout, and the surface looks new again. The process only takes a couple of hours to complete, and it's much faster than ripping out and replacing the concrete.

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