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How Smart Packaging Can Transform Our Lives

Nov 5

Embedded in packaging, smart systems communicate with sensors to perform protective functions. They can be equipped with alarms that alert us to a potential danger, for instance in medicine, or with moisture and contamination detectors. They can also be programmed to provide information about traceability, authenticity and much more. These smart technologies have the potential to transform our everyday lives.

Currently, there are numerous smart packaging applications in the market. They range from simple indicators that can change colors to indicate freshness, to flexible printed electronics that incorporate compact circuits and sensors. Smart labels and quick response codes are also being used to add a digital element to packages. The technology can be applied to nearly any industry where real-time information and quality control are crucial.

The benefits of Smart Packaging Solutions are numerous. For example, food processors can save on costs and waste by incorporating sensors in their packaging that monitors critical specifications, such as temperature, pressure and humidity, throughout the supply chain. The information collected can then be analyzed to identify inefficiencies and improve product delivery and quality. The sensors can also enable automation, which reduces labor, and track and trace capabilities that eliminates the need for secondary labeling and improves distribution.

Another major benefit of smart packaging is improved sustainability. According to a recent report by the Boston Consulting Group, $1.2 trillion worth of products are lost or wasted each year due to packaging and food processing mistakes. Sensors in packaged food can help to reduce these errors, which not only saves money and resources, but helps to protect consumer health by ensuring that the right conditions are maintained during storage, transportation and sale.

For brands, smart packaging is an opportunity to create a stronger relationship with consumers by enhancing the physical experience of a product. By linking digital content to a package, consumers can more easily and quickly access product instructions, video tutorials, and FAQ’s. This can increase customer confidence and retention while creating a deeper brand presence.

Using the latest in printing technology, we can now embed intelligent features into packaging that allows the products inside to interact with each other. Embedded sensors can send information to and from connected devices such as computers, phones, tablets, and more. They can also be linked to a cloud-based platform that stores, analyzes and interprets data collected from the packaging. This information can then be used to drive targeted marketing campaigns and improve customer experiences.

With the increasing demand for more authentic and intelligent products, it is vital to incorporate smart technology into your packaging. Contact us today to discuss how we can integrate the latest in sensor technology into your packaging solutions. Our team of experts can work with you to build the ideal intelligent solution for your needs.