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Commercial Mixing Tools An Efficient Mixer Saves Time Energy And Money

Oct 12

Whether your restaurant EasyMix food or chemicals, an efficient mixer saves time, energy and money. White Mountain Process can equip your facility with an IBC tote mixer to homogenize a variety of liquids in an intermediate bulk container (IBC). IBCs are useful for storage and transportation of everything from food ingredients and industrial chemical materials.

Commercial Mixing Tools

Depending on the type of work your kitchen needs to do, you'll need different attachments for your commercial mixer. These include beaters, dough hooks, flat beaters and wire whips. A dough hook is a great choice for mixing heavier breads and pizza doughs. A flat beater or batter mixer is perfect for mashing potatoes, mixing cakes or icing and can also be used to aerate light mixes like creams or marinades. A wire whip is great for heavy-duty whipping and beating. Grater and slicer attachments are available for cutting vegetables, cheeses and even meats to speed up preparation.

Some liquids can be more fragile and require slow, gentle agitation to preserve their structure. Others may benefit from high-speed mixing to reduce bubbles or achieve a thicker consistency. With a tote mixer, you can mix both liquids and solids at the right speed and intensity to keep your mixtures safe.

There are three different styles of mixers, based on where they're typically used: benchtop/countertop, stand and floor models. Regardless of the style, all come with a mixing bowl and an agitator that can be attached to various attachments to perform different tasks.

A planetary mixer is a good option for large restaurants that need to do more than just knead dough. Its agitator spins in a planetary motion (like the planets rotate around the sun) within the bowl to ensure that all of the ingredients are properly mixed. You can also add a variety of interchangeable attachments such as a grater or meat grinder to speed up food prep.