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How a Title IX Lawyer Can Help A Student

Jun 20

Whether you or your child believes that they were the victim of sexual assault or discrimination, a Title IX Lawyer can help you navigate your school's investigation and hearing processes. Our attorneys will ensure that your school follows federal guidelines.

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits sex discrimination in all educational programs or activities that receive federal funding. The law is complex and requires a knowledgeable attorney to advise you on your rights.

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The law known as Title IX guarantees equal educational opportunities for men and women at universities that receive federal funds. It also prohibits gender discrimination, sexual harassment and unlawful retaliation.

Title IX cases are highly complex and require a lawyer with extensive experience handling college disciplinary proceedings. Attorneys in New York who are Title IX defense lawyers have a thorough understanding of the law and can help you defend your rights during an investigation by a school.

Your attorney will also be able to record objections and establish a record of the process, making it easier for you to challenge bias and procedural errors during any appeals. He or she will also assist you with any retaliation claims.

Our attorneys are experienced in defending students and employees accused of Title IX allegations, including gender discrimination, sexual harassment and assault, unlawful retaliation, exhibitionism, and voyeurism. Monaco Cooper Lamme & Carr, PLLC handles these types of cases throughout the state of New York.

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Students and workers in college and university settings have a right to pursue their educational and work interests free from gender discrimination, sexual harassment, unwanted advances or touching, and even sexual assault. If you are the target of such misconduct, an experienced Title IX Lawyer Flagstaff can help protect your rights and your reputation.

If you are facing a Title IX investigation, be careful about what you say to others, as they may turn out to be witnesses against you. It is also a good idea to avoid discussing the case with anyone, especially on social media. During the investigation process, a qualified Title IX attorney-advisor can help you collect evidence and gather witnesses for your defense.

Giordano Law Offices specializes in representing college and university students accused of violating Title IX. They have extensive experience in handling cases involving sexual violence, sexual harassment, and other violations of federal regulations related to educational institutions. The firm offers a contingency fee arrangement for Title IX defense cases.

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Regardless of gender, students who experience sexual harassment, assault, or other misconduct at universities and other federally funded educational institutions have a right to bring a Title IX complaint. When this happens, schools must conduct thorough investigations and afford students the opportunity to present evidence of their innocence at disciplinary hearings. Unfortunately, many of these processes go wrong.

For instance, investigators may not interview all witnesses and can leave out important details that prove a student’s innocence. In addition, a student’s right to privacy can be violated when investigators share confidential information with other parties.

These kinds of violations are not easy to overcome, and they can have long-lasting effects on a person’s life. Giordano Law Offices has substantial Title IX experience and regularly represents individuals accused of sexual harassment, inappropriate language or touch, and sexual assault. We handle these cases on a contingent fee basis. Contact us for a free consultation. Your conversations with our attorneys will be privileged and confidential.

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Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination based on sex in any school or educational program that receives federal financial assistance. This includes public and private colleges, occupational, trade, high, middle, and elementary schools. It also applies to programs that train individuals for jobs in the military and merchant marine.

When accused of violating Title IX, a student is subject to an investigation and disciplinary hearing. These proceedings are typically held in a private room before a panel of people that include the Title IX coordinator and trained university officials. These members may have preconceived notions that lead to a harsh decision against the accused student.

With skilled Title IX defense lawyers on your side, you can protect yourself and ensure that you are treated fairly. Our attorneys have experience working with college and university officials to conduct investigations, provide counsel, and serve as hearing chair for Title IX cases. They can help you get the compensation that you deserve and ensure that your rights are not violated.



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