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Everything You Have Ever Wanted To know About Tree Pruning, Trimming & Surgery!

Oct 1

Pruning your trees can have many advantages, including the fact it keeps them healthy and strong. Although it might seem counterintuitive, pruning huge branch weights or heavy branches can assist in the growth of your tree and make it even more disease-resistant. The majority of homeowners wait until it's too late to consider professional tree trimming and pruning services. A lot of people don't contact tree trimming Albuquerque following a devastating storm until the tree's limbs are been scattered across their lawn. One of the following tree pruning methods could have been used if additional damage was avoided:


There are five different types of tree pruning.



Crown thinning Albuquerque is an essential method for tree trimming Albuquerque . It eliminates weaker, smaller limbs from your tree's crowns. As this happens, the canopy of the tree expands which allows more air and light to pass through the leaves and branches below it. Thinning the crown reduces the weight of bigger branches which may help reduce the likelihood that they'll fall during the spring storm.



It is imperative to get rid of any branches that are dying, dead or infected if are looking to preserve the well-being of your trees. Pruning not only eliminates the infected branches, but it also improves the appearance and worth of your trees. Eliminating dead branches off your property minimizes the risk of injury to yourself as well as your home.



Crown reduction surgery is a possibility when height of your tree is a concern. Crown reduction is a technique that involves removing smaller branches from bigger, heavier branches to ensure that your trees don't become too heavy as they get bigger. When it comes to young trees, this type of pruning is crucial since it allows the tree's young to grow big and strong without the weight of smaller branches.


4. The Crown's ELEVATION

Crown lifting is a type of tree trimming Albuquerque that involves the removal of low hanging branches or limbs. This causes higher branches or limbs to be weighted down. This technique is generally utilized for trees that extend over roads, sidewalks, or even your home in addition to other things. On the other hand this procedure is detrimental to the larger, more established trees, which makes it a procedure that should be reserved for young trees. Crown lifting allows you to blend the appearance of your trees with the rest of your landscaping that results in neat and healthy trees.



Pollarding is the practice of removing all branches from trees until all that is left is a structure of secondary branches that grow along the main stem. It is important to pollard your trees even when they are young, and continue to do so throughout their lives. This method of cutting will ensure the steady supply of small diameter poles, without causing harm to the tree.


We are important in our care for trees.

If you haven't pruned your trees, it's time to reach out to the expert staff to get help. Other services that are not related to pruning include the treatment of diseases that affect young and old trees, and the development of a plan to treat boxwood. We also can remove pests from your lawn.


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