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Should You Take a Pre-Employment Assessment?

May 29

If you are applying for a job and are not sure whether or not you should take a Pre-Employment Assessment, you should know what to expect. There are many benefits to these assessments. First, they measure your general intelligence, which is considered an important component of job success by many organizations. However, because these tests are generic and do not measure specific job skills, they have inherent bias against certain subgroups of the population.

Maki People

Maki People is an online, GDPR-compliant talent assessment platform that measures the critical skills and traits of candidates. It provides the backbone for assessing soft skills and cognitive competencies in a wide range of fields. In addition to assessing job-specific skills, it measures a range of competencies including reasoning, problem-solving, and communication. Maki People can be used to screen job candidates and engage existing employees.

The company's talent assessments solution is flexible and customizable. Its pre-existing library of tests can be used to gauge candidate skills, aptitude, and personality. The technology helps prevent cheating by using facial recognition, keystroke recognition, and a webcam. The Maki People platform can be customized for a specific business requirement. It offers a number of sample assessments to meet a variety of business needs.

The Mettl platform works with Greenhouse Recruiting to send a link to a candidate's email for the Mettl. This link allows the candidate to start the assessment. The results of the Mettl assessment can be accessed in Greenhouse Recruiting. If you're an employer looking for an employee's skills, it's worth checking out Greenhouse Recruiting.

Athena Quotient

A fully-featured Pre Employment Testing Software is Athena Quotient. Designed for SMEs and agencies, Athena Quotient provides end-to-end solutions, including customized tests, online testing, real-time reporting, and test authoring. For more information, visit the Athena Quotient website. Here are some of its key features:

The Athena Quotient measures candidates' judgment and effectiveness. The Athena Quotient is based on the premise that effective people are able to use good judgment to perform their jobs well. Applicants can take the AQ without any prior training or experience, and results are available immediately. Alternatively, the Berke Assessment is an excellent tool for assessing personality, intelligence, and decision-making. Codility enables organizations to administer online technical interviews as well as coding challenges.

For hiring managers, Athena Quotient has two pricing plans: subscription-based and assessment-based. The subscription-based model is best for smaller businesses. The software is easy to use and requires about thirty minutes of your time. Its results will help you filter candidates based on job requirements. If you need to test candidates for more than one position, you should purchase a subscription. You'll pay a one-time fee or per-test for unlimited use.