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Five Reasons Why Your Car Doesn't Start

Mar 22


Have you ever got out of your car jump in the cab and turn the ignition to see the engine stop? It's not uncommon. Automobiles can be unpredictable, just as all machines. You may be cruising along the highway one day, but the next day you're stuck in your driveway, totally perplexed. Although it may take you a while to feel sorry for the universe, diagnosing is the next step. Now it's time for you identify what went wrong with your vehicle during the time between your last trip and this one. To assist you in getting to the root of the issue there are five typical causes of why your vehicle is refusing to start...


1. The Car Battery is dead

Dead car batteries are a common reason that cars are left humming away in garages. The battery is the main power source of your vehicle, providing electrical power to the lights, wipers, radio, as well as the ignition. If the battery isn't supplying sufficient power, the vehicle isn't able to generate the necessary surge of power that it needs to start.


There are several possibilities that your battery may be having trouble, such as:


The battery in your car is now at the end of its useful life

While the car was being shut off, the headlights and interior lights were on.

A loose wire

Your car's battery terminals are corroded

Low conductivity due to internal humidity and exposure to heat

Extreme temperatures

Parasitic drain occurs when electricity is being used when the car is running.

Leaving your car parked for long periods of time

Our Phoenix towing business can assist with your car battery failing. We will quickly arrive at your location with all the tools we require (puns not required) and provide roadside assistance, such as repairs or towing.


2. Weak Ignition Switch

The problem might not be with the battery, but rather with the ignition switch. Try turning on the headlights in order to see if the problem is related to the battery or the ignition switch. This could indicate a problem with the ignition switch.


3. Blocked Fuel Filter

The name of fuel filters is easy to understand. They're responsible in transferring clean fuel into the engine. This is vital to ensure that gasoline can reach the engine, preventing your car from not starting properly. To keep your gasoline flowing, it's recommended you switch off your fuel filters every 15,000 - 20,000 kilometers. If you do not it is, you might be calling one of the companies that tow trucks near me for help.


4. Problems are with the Ignition Control Coil

We have touched on the importance of the relationship between ignition and battery but the ignition may be the reason for your lack of car starting. The ignition coil converts the power of batteries into an electric spark that allows the engine to begin to burn. If this process is interrupted or if there is any issue with the ignition coil, the engine will not get a spark strong enough to begin. To determine if a weak spark is to blame or not, our Phoenix towing firm will inspect the ignition coil using the multimeter. You will need to replace the ignition coil or even induction If the spark is weak.


5. Troublesome fuel pump

A crucial component of the combustion process relies on the capability of the fuel pump to ignite gas. The fuel pump transfers fuel from the tank via the fuel rail to the injectors, where it is sprayed into the combustion chambers of each cylinder. The fuel pump transfers the fuel from the tank into the engine. This helps the car get started. There is a chance that you will have a dead vehicle. Azteca Towing can help get you to an expert mechanic.

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